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New Moon 18º Taurus May 7, 2024


〰️ Something new is taking shape 〰️

This New Moon is exciting as it sits near Uranus and finalizes a year of New Moons, all under the influence of this eccentric, radical master of sudden shifts. Running into Uranus is like running into an electrical wire that jolts us awake, taking us out of a slumber and making us conscious of what was entirely unconscious. Uranus is the classical wake-up call that life coughs up, and little by little, the wall of denial is torn down. This awakening helps us recognize something essential about our growth and who we are now instead of who we used to be.

This lunation is also in a trine to Ceres in Capricorn seeking security, which is the total opposite of Uranus’ thirst for change. Uranus has no time for excuses, but some excuses are actually pretty solid reflections of deep needs, like the need for safety. So, within the Ceres framework, this Uranus New Moon energy can help us redefine what we truly need and how to approach those needs in a strategic and planned manner. Let’s call it a controlled revolution if that ever was a thing.

Taurus is the archetype that represents a material realm where we ground deep into our bodies and to earth. It relates to our personal resources, talents, and capacity to value ourselves. If we do not love ourselves and appreciate who we are, we could block our capacity to share our gifts with others. As Uranus has been in Taurus since 2019, our relationship to Taurus is fast changing. New information on how the body works, how to appreciate ourselves, and how to heal self-worth issues are currently taking place, and thanks to this New Moon, the process is moving a lot faster. If we have a creative block or cannot enter relationships without going back into co-dependent and toxic patterns, Uranus will help us figure out why. So much information is now being revealed and it could feel like we are finally circling in on the fundamentals. And our self-worth, once healed, is not reliant on what other people think of us.

Mars is racing through Aries, and individual effort and independent action get an even stronger focus. Obviously, it would be lovely to have a savior or a lotto win come and save the day, but right now, it seems like that door is closed, and we have to become more self-reliant. Oddly enough, this also includes asking for help when it’s needed. Asking for help is not a problem for someone capable of caring for their own needs.

The Sabian Symbol for the New Moon: «A newly formed continent» strengthens the impression that this is a Uranus New Moon if there ever was one. Something new is taking shape. As the volcano spews lava, it is all very dramatic, but as it cools down, lava turns into very fertile soil. And above all, it is free of dreary history. It is a new start—tabula rasa.

This symbol also reminds us not to be too fixed and stubborn in our approach to life. The Taurus archetype is where we have solidified something, an attitude, or a life situation, and we might not be too eager to let go of this investment or belief. However, an open mind is free to be spontaneous and creative, free to follow the heart and take a risk, and in this way, we can form a new land by the power of our vision. It is never too late. There is a difference between an excuse and an explanation, but sometimes these two get conflated, and then we close our minds to the possibilities we have before us.

When we are receptive, we cannot be selective about what comes through intuitively. The message is clear, still the manifestation process is not so. This is frustrating because we might know exactly what we should do but still need to figure out how. Uranus is only the light bulb being turned on, not the whole set of explanations on how to get from A to Z. But the first step is still the most important, and as soon as you venture into unknown realms, the next step will present itself eventually. Trust the laws of nature.

Right now something’s gotta give and give way for new land, and you have prepared almost a year for this transition. There might be many things to sort out, but the new land is forming, and you might feel ready to take the plunge. And if so, remember that this is a process in the making. You will have to feel your way forward in order to find security and stability. But rest assured: Without chaos, there would be no creation. Pack up on faith and keep grounded. Uranus is in the house, and anything can happen!

Sol W Jonassen

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