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New Moon 20º Pisces Mar 10, 2024


〰️ It is time for a more gentle approach 〰️

All the planets are now bundled up between Ceres in Capricorn and Uranus in Taurus, and there is nothing on the other hemisphere except the South Node, so we are being pulled, little by little, towards the North Node consciousness and towards the future. It might feel like completely foreign waters and being out of the comfort zone. However, as the Sun-Moon, Saturn, and, a little later, Venus, all hang out in Pisces, it could feel like life is a waiting game. Sometimes, the most stressful thing in life is when nothing happens and time is seemingly standing still despite us going about our daily tasks and routines, but the healing that now occurs happens while we are not moving.

A new seed is sprouting deep inside, just like a new season is in the making, and this old one, winter in the northern hemisphere and summer in the southern hemisphere, is being exhaled.

Pisces is a gestating sign, a symbol of the cosmic womb, and according to Sanskrit, all life emerged from the Brahmanada, meaning the egg of Brahman. This is just one of many creation myths that include some concept of a cosmic egg. Our home, the Solar System, is contained within the Sun’s sphere, also known as the heliosphere, and in that way, we can say that we traverse the cosmos inside an egg. Inside this cosmic womb, we evolve into a more integrated whole that will emerge as the Sun crosses the equator, and we are moved into Aries, the symbolic new birth.

The Sabian Symbol for the New Moon, «Under the watchful eye of a servant, a girl fondles a little white lamb» fits very well into this feeling of something gestating and growing inside the womb. The white lamb and the girl are both symbols of innocence and purity, and the watchful eyes of the servant show us that the process of the child’s curiosity and learning about the world needs to be kept within a safe frame. The training of trust through the application of wisdom lies in this image, and to learn how to connect to each other in an innocent way, the watchful eyes of the servant, the rational and wise, need to be present in the process.

It is hard not to think about Christian mythology when exploring this symbol. The lamb, the innocence of instinctual nature, was herded by Jesus. The lamb is a symbol of redemption, forgiveness, and purity. We all have this inside of us, but a cynical and often bloody world filled with suffering has made us less than welcoming to outside forces and more closed in our hearts than we need to be if we are to experience the bliss of life and of connection.

It is through innocence that we experience love, the go-go juice that keeps us eternally young, and being bereft, this feeling sets the mood for nihilism and depression where nothing makes sense. It is as if life and love are the same. One begets the other.

The connection to the moment that this child shows us is valuable. She is one with the lamb, gently caressing and exploring her connection to it. This soft approach is needed if we are to have any deep connection to another sentient being. We have to be conscious and rational while we explore these areas because the lamb, the instinctual world, will react very strongly if feeling threatened in one way or another, and if that happens, it could scare the child into not attempting again. It is as if this symbol suggests that we need to be more mindful of the connection between our instincts, our innocence, and our wisdom.

As Chiron is powerfully present on the North Node in Aries, we might be deep in the process of self-discovery, exploring context and history and how that defined us. Everything is interconnected, and the seeker will always seek wisdom to see this. Nothing exists out of context, and once that context is explored, understood, and integrated, a new cycle naturally occurs. Astrology is the study of natural law, cause and effect, and this particular New Moon opens the field of consciousness to help us connect the dots before we once again rise to a new morning, ready to touch life again with an open heart and an awakened mind.

It is time for a more gentle approach. Remember, soft power is also power.

Sol W Jonassen

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