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New Moon/Solar Eclipse 19º Aries Apr 8, 2024

〰️ The Great Eclipse 〰️

This eclipse is epic. It will begin in the South Pacific and cast a shadow from Mexico to Canada. People will flock from all over the world to see it. Earth will have no sun for four minutes, at least along the path of the Moon. The stars will come through in clear daylight, and the truth of where we are in space will be visible. We are circling ’round and ’round, moving constantly, held inside the heliosphere, the womb of the Sun. And the Moon comes and cuts off that protective light for a short amount of time, rebooting our understanding of all and everything. Many astrologers would say it is a portal, but this begs the question: A portal into what?

The foundation rock of astrology is the multiverse, multiple dimensions that are alive everywhere. To become aware of these requires access, and access can only happen when there is silence. When we stop for a minute and sit. When nothing happens, nothingness happens. We can’t get there by always searching, looking, fixing, thinking, organizing, analyzing, working, or moving. We have to make time to find realignment and return to the essence. It would be very good for humanity to realize that life is more than materialism and that there are spiritual dimensions that belong to no religion and are available to us all. It is simply nature. It is who we are.

This particular eclipse is, without doubt, interesting in that sense. Chiron, the tiny centaur whose myth is beyond relevant for the whole experience of being human, sits at the very same degree and minute as the Sun and the Moon. According to astrologer Melanie Reinhart, Chiron is the shaman who travels between worlds. When we add the Sabian Symbol for the eclipse degree: «A young girl feeding birds in winter» the picture is painted even more clearly. Birds are recognized as symbols of Spirit. They travel the space between earth and heaven, and according to ancient lore, they are messengers of the heavens. This eclipse could very well remind us that in times of «winter,» a metaphor for darkness and scarcity, we need to feed our souls and listen to our spirits if we want to do more than merely survive. The essence of the Aries North Node is to recognize our authentic selves and rekindle the fire that can thaw the winter cold.

Life on earth is harsh and tough. We get conditioned into beliefs that are not aligned with nature and are run by instincts to defensively protect what is ours, yet the innocent part of us still finds time to feed the birds. To take care of nature. To love. To be generous and kind. The young girl symbolizes the most precious in us all: the innocent heart. We all have a heart, and if we pluck away the harshness that suffering created, what comes through is this heart. The heart connects with others in a trusting and loving way. There are no buts. The heart knows no past nor any future, only this moment. That is the redeeming quality of love.

When we find a moment of silence, truth appears. We have seen it happen many times in our own lives. When we finally sit down and let it all be. Then, the very thing we have been running from catches up with us, and we reconnect with the core of who we actually are.

Ceres is also part of this eclipse. She sits at a square distance from the trio in Aries in Capricorn, and her story is a story of loss. She lost her daughter, the innocent light in her life. Pluto snatched her, and it devastated Ceres, causing terrible grief, rage, and feelings of despair. But Pluto reminds us that life is change, something Ceres eventually had to accept. All things change all the time. Loss is terrible. Letting go feels impossible. Yet, our whole perception and understanding can change in a moment of enlightenment. We see that there is no separation. That the cycles of nature aren’t personal. They just are. Ceres and Chiron, in this eclipse mix, might take us through some layers of grief, but after that, innocence returns. We realize it is what it is, and maybe we even end up arriving at a peaceful acceptance of that.

If you believe that enlightenment is a permanent state and that you’re far from reaching it, you might miss the opportunity to appreciate that you have more enlightened moments than you realize. They are subtle. Tiny specks of light. An eclipse. A nanosecond. A flash where the veils disappear, and you suddenly go, «A-ha!» Those moments of initiation, although passing so quickly, can change a life. All it takes is a vision. A vision that most likely will appear when you feed the birds in a moment of just being. You might realize then who you are, that you are more than what you thought you were, and that your identity is yours to define. It is not up to others. You sit with the bird in your hand now, speaking with Spirit. Tune in and listen!

Sol W Jonassen

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