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October 5, 2022 Astrology Forecast

October 5, 2022 Astrology Forecast

I will not be fooled into thinking,
That this is somehow the end.
Give up my power and follow in fear,
When I’d rather gather with friends.

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Hola Initiates!

First, as I mentioned in the Pele Report, I want to dedicate this week’s report to Gigi Young. Here is the link to her video wherein she discusses the 8th sphere. Please note that it may be disturbing. As Gigi mentions in her video, yes, these things are alarming, and yes, they need to be brought into consciousness if we are to be able to discern the truth from the lies we are being told. During these times of transition, it is necessary to identify true and false paths of spiritual development. 

I want to point out some of what we need to be on the lookout for, aware of, and know enough about to caution others. What is most important to understand, and not so many do, is that the actions being taken by the global elites are not just about money. Neither are they limited to a power grab or a global totalitarian state. THEY ARE AFTER THE SOUL AND DESTINY OF HUMANITY! This is a spiritual battle as much as an economic, political, or social battle. As such, the stakes are higher, deeper, and long-term than some recession/depression, one pandemic or another, or one government or another.

We are being attacked on every level, from our children being brainwashed with video games and virtual reality and gender identity to vaccines and other gene therapies modifying our DNA, to 5G and technologies electrifying the planet, to the destruction of hope and faith in Christ consciousness and spirituality. So yes, we need to protect our assets and become as economically and food/energy self-sufficient as possible, but we also need to take special care of our bodies, minds, and souls. We especially need to watch our blood, as Gigi talks about in her video.  

At this stage of the game, I would beware of any medication that a doctor wants to prescribe and take due diligence before digesting or injecting any pharmaceutical drug. If you or anyone you know has taken the shot, go to my Resources page, scroll down to the COVID section, and click on Treatments and Protocols for information on reducing the effects. I know of people working to develop a cleanse for the blood, but it is not available yet. It may also help you to get an ozone therapy that is now available in some countries.

Another thing I appreciate about Gigi’s talk is that she also mentions how they are trying to imitate true spiritual experiences with technically manufactured ones, thereby fooling people into thinking they are going higher when in fact, they are sinking into lower realms. And not just with virtual reality or technology but porn, drugs, sex, you name it, particularly second-chakra pleasurable experiences. She explicitly says money, sex, and fame, but you may think of others too.

Lastly, as I said in the report, social contact, interacting and sharing with others, and building human, emotional, and spiritual connections LIVE IN PERSON is a powerful means of raising spiritual awareness. Particularly with ritual, yoga, chanting, etc., where it is not just conversation but has the intention of spiritual realization. These, of course, are best done outside, in nature, by water, under the stars and Moon, or as close as you can get to these!

As we seek to purify ourselves on every level, be prepared for your shadows to emerge, cravings, shameful memories, regrets, etc. Know that this is a process that is not only humbling but requires powerful, willful intention to face our demons without running, hiding, ignoring, or avoiding. When these inner feelings of guilt or shame emerge, I encourage you to have mercy, patience, and compassion for yourself. We are all human, and we have all made mistakes. Simply resolve to be a little bit better each day, devote yourself to Spirit light, and ask for help and guidance. It’ll be there!

I will not be fooled into thinking,
That this is somehow the end.
Give up my power and follow in fear,
When I’d rather gather with friends.

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I’m not sure if Gigi discusses it in this video or another, but this is a time of initiation. Initiation naturally and fundamentally includes some hardship, challenge, and test of spiritual knowledge, will, and grit prior to dispensing and experiencing higher worlds. Many these days, and especially in virtual technological realities, think they can access higher realms of knowledge and understanding simply, quickly, and without preparation. Unfortunately, this is not the case.

While these are indeed challenging times full of tricks and trials, let’s remember that we are constantly being supported, held, and nourished by spiritual beings of the light! Let’s not despair but rather know that we will be building (and can start now) a new paradigm of expanded heart forces, consciousness, joy, and light on the other side of this initiation. We are torchbearers leading the way for future generations to follow, so let’s shine brightly!

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So Much Love,

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