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September 21, 2022 Astrology Forecast

September 21, 2022 Astrology Forecast

If I’m to explore the depths of my soul,
I need to break some rules.
As beyond the narrow definitions I’m told,
There’s a way I can be with you.

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Hello Equinoxer!

May you have equal day and night, balance and equanimity, peace and love, all the days of your life. Well, maybe not equal day and night for those who like seasons! But, as we can all see, it’s not only the seasons that change. EVERYTHING is changing at a more rapid pace every day when looked at collectively. Wow, looking at global affairs, national affairs, and right down to community and family affairs, the tension of the final (but still building) Saturn’s past squaring off with the Uranian future is palpable. And yet, within all the madness, remarkable growth is happening, hearts are warming, children are laughing, and the opportunities to evolve follow one right after the other.

As if things weren’t going fast enough, now we have Neptune/Jupiter oppositions to the personal planets! Neptune wants unbounded love, limitless imagination, and total unity. Jupiter wants to expand that exponentially. They came together, with the Sun, six months ago and are now ready to “go public” with the hopes, wishes, and dreams that were conceived back then. They will be closing in on each other for another couple of months while the Sun, Venus, and Mercury transit “the relationship signs” Libra and Scorpio. As I discuss in this week’s Pele Report and will develop further in this month’s Lunar Planner, this is the time to review, feel into, and most importantly, discuss openly and honestly our deepest relationship needs and aspirations. All this with the intention of opening ourselves to deeper relating, self-discovery, and evolution. Go for it!

The beautiful trines and other supportive aspects point to this week and the upcoming weeks holding vast positive potential for enhancing our lives. I know it sounds crazy with world events turning upside down. Still, even history shows us that crises and challenges often bring people together, bring out the higher virtues, and offer tremendous opportunities for growth. These are days of “karmic” or “destined” relationships, either ending or beginning, so keep your eyes open to expanding your field of awareness, feeling, and future. Keep the faith, and Jupiter, the planet of faith, may reward you!

I’m taking these days of Mercury retrograding back into Virgo to reflect, remember, read, and inwardly plan for my next steps. I’m starting a weeklong cleanse this weekend, so I hope I’m in shape for next week’s Pele Report and everything else! I’ll be spending some time refining the curriculum for the New Paradigm School of Astrology and working with the student body more than I have been able to through the summer. If you’d like to learn more astrology to understand yourself better (and the Pele Report), please join us today!

I’m also excited about the upcoming Astrology of Relationship workshop I’m hosting in Costa Rica this December. It’s going to be fantastic! Check out the details and register as soon as possible because we’re keeping it to 16 people. I’m enjoying the smaller, more intimate gatherings as the work goes deeper and the relationships built are stronger.

Also, keep your eye out for more workshops and perhaps an online event or two, as when Mercury goes retrograde, I get ideas!

If I’m to explore the depths of my soul,
I need to break some rules.
As beyond the narrow definitions I’m told,
There’s a way I can be with you.

If it’s one thing that astrology teaches us, it is that everyone is different. It naturally follows that each of us has a unique set of needs and approaches to relationships, which I am speaking about in this week’s Pele report. I know that it is easy to jump to conclusions and that by addressing these different relationship needs, it may appear that I am a proponent of this or against that, etc. If I did not make it clear enough in the report, I would like to emphasize that the only thing I am a proponent of is the right of each and every individual to be free to choose and express themselves however they feel most guided as long as it is not abusive and others who are involved consent. Let’s celebrate our differences rather than have them divide us and use all our relationships to discover, heal, and open ourselves even more to Spirit.

This attitude could not be supported any more strongly than with the aspects occurring this week/month. This beautiful equinox new Moon in Libra conjunct Mercury and Venus while in opposition to Jupiter and Neptune reflects excellent opportunities for us to innovate, experiment, expand, and play with our relationship boundaries in a healthy, communicative way. With courage, trust, and love, we can heal ourselves, each other, and the world which needs some major TLC (tender loving care). Break on through to the other side!

Gotta love this one by the Youngbloods! Does anybody remember some of those faces? “Get Together”

In my interview with Jelle while in Amsterdam, I got serious about the future. If you’d like a taste of what lies ahead down the road, listen in here.

So Much Love,

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