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September 28, 2022 Astrology Forecast

September 28, 2022 Astrology Forecast

Through thick and thin and highs and lows,
One thing remains crystal clear.
I need to investigate, research, and dig,
For the truth I hold so dear.

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Hello Survivors!

We may all be seeing ourselves as survivors more and more as time goes on, unfortunately. As I mention in this week’s Pele report, I always try to focus on the week’s astrology pertaining to personal self-development and evolution. Over the years, I have maintained as positive an outlook as possible and used a variety of spiritual practices, teachers, and teachings to offer mantras and methods to help improve the listener’s life experience. Even throughout the pandemic, while posting videos and links to help wake people up on my private website (so I wouldn’t get censored), I have largely avoided discussing COVID and politics as much as possible.

However, times continue to change, and I am finding the need to change with them. With the fall of the patriarchy, the rise of materialism leading to transhumanism, rising inflation, the economic collapsing of China with Russia soon to follow, CBDCs (Central Bank Digital Currencies), Wetiko, surveillance, censorship, and more socio-cultural-political-economic changes in both the near and far horizon, I need to further address the elephant in the room. Astrology not only helps individuals to understand themselves and evolve as a result but also gives us a broad understanding of the evolution of our species, individual countries, and global institutions, which increasingly affect our personal lives with the Age of Aquarius at hand.

While I feel Spirit guided to discuss what comes through astrologically at the time I’m giving the Pele Report, I will admit there have been times when I have bypassed internal promptings for fear of being negative or labeled a “doomsday prophet.” However, as a spiritual practitioner, I am feeling an increasing responsibility to devote my time and energy to helping people prepare themselves spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically/financially for what I see as very challenging times ahead.

As you have taken the step to sign up for my newsletter, I assume that we are “like-minded souls,” and I can share more with you than in the Pele Report itself and elsewhere on social media. Therefore, I will share with you some recent information I have received that points to both the spiritual/soul “death” of those who have taken the jab as well as significantly reducing their life expectancy. While I don’t wish to create fear in any way, I want to inform you about the urgency and importance of not exposing yourself to this mRNA technology and doing your best to save the lives of others.

I am expressing this because, as I mentioned in today’s report, the technology is now being spread beyond the COVID vaccine to the flu shot and cancer treatment therapies. So it is now vital to step beyond being an “anti-vaxxer” up to the next level! This, along with the WEF agenda of creating a new world totalitarian order that is increasingly violating basic human rights, is pushing me to discuss not only vaccine-related matters but political, economic, and technological ones as well.

This is not to say that I’m abandoning “Astrology for the Soul,” but I am expanding it! I will continue to promote getting out of cities (more now than ever), living, breathing, walking and playing in nature, eating well, exercising, doing yoga, breathwork, meditation, becoming more self-sufficient, and getting off the grid if possible. All the paths I have been promoting since I began the Pele Report. In addition, I will be discussing the importance of asset management, building communities, and creating a worldwide network of those who understand what’s really going on so we can support each other in many diverse ways.

While the future will bring us many trials and tribulations, strong individuals such as yourselves, united together, offer the greatest hope of continuing spiritual work through adversity for ourselves, our children, and future generations. I send you loving support on strengthening yourself, your loving relationships, and your survival skills. Let’s work together to help raise the consciousness here on mother earth so more, and more souls can join us! Blessings

Through thick and thin and highs and lows,
One thing remains crystal clear.
I need to investigate, research, and dig,
For the truth I hold so dear.

So yes, this is a time of chaos. Mercury, who rules both the grounded sign of Virgo and Gemini (who rules commerce), is strong as he stations direct in his own sign of Virgo. Neptune, the king of mystery, chaos, and the media is also in his home sign of Pisces, the collective unconscious. These two initially faced off with each other in late August and are back to finish what they started then. Ideally, this is ending illusions and delusions as we become conscious of what is real and what is fiction, what is true and what is false. This can be difficult, often leading to depression as Neptune dreams bump into 3D Mercury reality.

Worse than that can be the continued propagation of false realities, lies, and deception. This can be us deceiving ourselves about our true motivations, desires, and more, but it is also MSM (Main Stream Media) casting its hypnotic spell on the masses. Therefore, it is a time to watch our words, listen carefully, and not take everything we see and hear in without discernment. Hence the mantra.

To understand better what I am referring to, I have two offerings for you today. One is a video by Sorelle of Abundantia, who I’ve been following for some time and highly respect. The other is an article discussing the recent presidential order I discussed in today’s report. I highly recommend both to help stay abreast of our world situation and the unfolding future.

After the heavy stuff, you may just want to Roll Down the River with Ike and Tina! And then, listen to the real reality of the Ancient Mother.

So Much Love,

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