mp3 (audio only) recording of the worldwide meditation by Kaypacha.
You may find that this meditation is pertinent anytime you have a Black Moon Lilith, Chiron, or Pluto transit, or go into a dark Moon phase.

Venus/Inanna is currently retrograde, which astrologers associate with a period of 40 days (out of her 584-day cycle) when the Sumerian Goddess Inanna descends into the underworld. She will disappear from the evening sky in the west and re-emerge, transformed and reborn in the eastern sky. A symbolic period when we can deepen our understanding of what love is, our relationships, and what is of lasting, real value in our lives.

Kaypacha invites you to join him for a guided meditation into your own, personal underworld of feelings that may be coming up for you from the collective unconsciousness. The death/resurrection process can be disturbing, to say the least, as we contact and release old, negative emotions and patterns that limit our experience of ourselves and the world.

However, this cleansing can also lead to a richer, fuller, and awakened experience of ourselves, our lives, and our loves. So while you may face feelings that you have repressed or suppressed, your astrology can assist with the process of understanding and growth that can come from feeling these feelings. Let’s do it together!

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