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All About The Planets with Kaypacha

This bundle consists of thirteen 90-120 minute videos, each interpreting one of the planets. Starting with the Sun and circling to Pluto, Chiron, and the Moon’s Nodes, Kaypacha gives a complete description of each’s archetype and mythology, its meaning, and how to understand it in your astrological birth chart.

This is not just Sun Sign Astrology

We all have all of these archetypes within us! We all have them somewhere in our birth chart. So Kaypacha explains how to interpret any one of the planets in each sign. He then takes the planet around the chart to explain what it means when it rules your rising sign, the 2nd house, 3rd house, etc. Listening to all thirteen videos will give you individual interpretations of all the planets in your birth chart!

Bundle includes:
  • All About The Sun
  • All About The Moon
  • All About Mercury
  • All About Venus
  • All About Mars
  • All About Jupiter
  • All About Saturn
  • All About Uranus
  • All About Neptune
  • All About Pluto
  • All About Chiron
  • All About The Moon’s Nodes 1 & 2

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