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Waning Moon 07º Aries June 28, 2024


〰️ Authentic expression 〰️

The closing square between the Sun and the Moon is influenced by a perfect square between Chiron in Aries and Mercury in Cancer. The Sun in Cancer is waxing to a square to the nodal axis. Both of these influences show us that despite intense emotions causing unrest and insecurity, we will find a way to express our creative Fire in this world and do it authentically and sincerely. This is the time to communicate our innermost needs, maybe for the very first time ever.

The Last Quarter Moon is conjunct the North Node, so it is time to revisit some of the themes that come up with this nodal passage. The Aries North Node reflects an emergence of individuality. Aries, being the first sign in the zodiac, marks the passage out of the collective and an awakening to a personal will-to-be. It involves being self-motivated and focused on what «I» want instead of what «we» want. And when there is knowledge of the self, the power to define what is right and what is wrong for us personally will never be given away again. This is breaking away from people pleasing and entering a realm of authentic expression, knowing very well that there are other sides to the story, but loyalty to one’s principles and needs must come first if we are to be healthy and thrive.

In the cases where the individual voice is somehow restricted and tuned down, leading to a lack of purpose and not knowing who one is, this week will offer a beautiful healing that might come through others and their reflection back on the individual, giving momentum to taking a stance. The Sun square to the nodal axis is about the gifts we have and what we have to offer life, and even though there is a certain cautious energy over the Cancer Sun, there is little doubt that many people will feel like they finally overcome a creative block and found their true voice.

The Sabian Symbol for the last quarter Moon: «A large woman’s hat with streamers blown by an east wind» reminds us again of the importance of being connected with Spirit, and in this particular context, in order to realize who we really are and have enough courage to express this. To be born in Spirit means understanding one’s true importance and seeing with one’s own eyes that there is something inherently unique and valuable about who we are. Something that cannot be replicated or manipulated away from itself. It is that one part of ones psyche that is always the same. Like a fire inside us, untainted and still, and once connection to it is achieved, life takes on a subtle yet all-pervasive meaning.

The «east wind» that is blowing also gives us an association with a fresh start and a cooling down, as if the hectic mind is being calmed by the strokes of wind. The hat works as protection from an overload of psychic impressions that could easily wear us out. A spiritually awakened person will be able to harness the rays of the Sun and express themselves without fears, yet be sensitive enough to read others and be tolerant and empathic, as opposed to narcissistic and selfish.

True humility is not about talking ourselves down, it is about being realistic about who we are, including our magnificence and the glory of our gifts and skills. This almost god-like experience can, of course, make us arrogant and proud, but on the other hand, without it, we might not be able to realize what our special offering is, and thus, think it is an act of humbleness not to express it boldly, even if we get it.

It is a sort of blasphemy not to realize the spark of divine energy that lives in us all, and daring to be bigger than life is also daring to be unique and gifted. Those who realize they are gifted also find their purpose. They take their gifts seriously and with gratitude. Purpose is related to the element of Fire and once we see the light, there is no going back. This particular week might, therefore, be likened to a cosmic message of «Thou Shall Not Take Thy Self for Granted!»

Never have we seen an enlightened human being with low self-esteem. The balance between being a server of life, aware of limitations, and having a feeling of a chosen destiny, being loved by God is hard for some to wrap their heads around, being brought up in a tradition of fake humility and fear of being too self-aggrandizing. No one likes a cocky know-it-all, but that is not the trademark of a spiritual human being. The ego has been tamed, and then what remains is a creative challenge and a play of consciousness. So this week, no one can shame us into the shadows again. This is life winning over death.

Sol W Jonassen

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