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Waning Moon 11º Aquarius May 1, 2024


〰️ Breaking free takes time 〰️

This last year, all the New Moons have been under the spell of Uranus, and as we are letting go of yet another lunar cycle, the grand crescendo of these Uranus New Moons is coming in just a week as the Taurus New Moon forms a conjunction with Uranus.

This is good news for those walking the path of individuation and who spend time working on themselves. It feels like there is light at the end of the tunnel, and the upgrade is steady, fueled by heightened awareness and sudden insights. To be aware of something and then to embody it are two entirely different things, and herein lies frustration. Theory and practice do not always work together, mainly because the pull back into comfort and habit is more likely to dominate than an idealized breaking away and starting anew.

We could be aware and conscious about what we should say or do in a given situation. Yet, there we are, falling metaphorically asleep and acting in an unconscious manner just when we could use being awake, alert, and consciously creative. After the haze lifts, we might realize what just happened. Once again, the weaknesses took charge, and fears guided our actions. Ah, well, evolution is a frustrating dance of two steps forward and one step back. Breaking free takes time.

This last lunar square in Aquarius is backed up by a square from Pluto to Venus, and Mars has left the waters of Pisces and entered the mainland of Aries, soon to also form a sextile to Pluto. Therefore, the rulers of the nodal axis are in full action, and the underlying balancing act between us and others still triggers deep personal growth and understanding. Even if we are not in committed relationships, there is still an evolution towards a new balance in our lives. Maybe a codependent tendency is no longer there, and we feel more free and liberated in our actions, or maybe there is an entirely new awareness around personal needs backed by a stronger ability to relate to others authentically. We are creating new habits.

Some bonds are breaking apart, and others are strengthening. The underlying shadowland of relationships is becoming a conscious awareness, and with Uranus driving the New Moons, the need to take a long look into the mirror and examine one’s patterns has been of utmost importance as this year has unfolded. If we are not aware and conscious of our impact on others, how can we demand to be treated in such a way ourselves? Understanding is a two-way street. For anything Uranus finding people who jam at the same level as us, speak the same language, and match our vibe is not always easy. The Sabian Symbol for the Aquarius Moon: «People on stairs graduated upwards» reflects this concept perfectly.

If we go through change, growth, and an expansion of awareness, but our partner doesn’t find that exciting nor has the capacity to do so, eventually, a gap will arise. A gap that sooner or later becomes impossible to heal. The value systems are not in harmony, and the more resistance to change, the more cathartic the change will be. Pluto to Venus can reflect a rather intense confrontation with relationship dysfunction as one partner could stray off and create a solid bond with another person, or it could be more gentle and conscious, where two people in a union start to really talk about who they are, their core values, challenge the status quo and in this way find a new balance. 

However, little can be done if the people in a group or partnership think completely differently. There are no ways to take heaven by storm, and it is impossible to communicate concepts that, for some, are impossible to understand. The awakened sleeper might recall just how sleepy they once were. If certain ideas and concepts were reintroduced to them, nothing would resonate. It wouldn’t be relevant or interesting, and their gaze would be focused elsewhere. Thus, two people could speak English yet still speak a different language, which has nothing to do with gender, age, or culture. This is the voice of the individuated soul speaking the language of evolution and truth. This can be denied by others for a very long time. What is evident for one is foreign to another, and the truth is, we would have to be there to understand it. It is not a theory. It is realization and recognition. If we can’t recognize it, it’s only empty and hollow words.

So, if you feel lonely and sense this gap, be patient. A new you is forming, and it takes time. Rest solidly in the faith that it is all for something important. You see and sense the contours of the future, and soon, you’ll be there.

Sol W Jonassen

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