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Waning Moon 12º Capricorn Apr 1, 2024


〰️ Building up an inner reservoir of fire 〰️

In the eclipse space, things feel a tad different. There is a certain hype around the eclipses, but there is no smoke without fire, and quite frankly, this nodal axis journey is on fire. The North Node is, after all, in Aries, the feisty, fiery warrior of the Zodiac, so even if we long for the comfort of the South Node in Libra and «all is good, isn’t it?» and we sort of get peace by sacrificing our authentic voice, Aries will not rest until justice prevails, truth is spoken, and balance is achieved in an honest and just way.

And that is the battle zone of our ecliptic scenery. Aries’s favorite word is «no» and with the last quarter phase Moon being in responsible and mature Capricorn, it can be difficult to fit into the same space the awareness of others, their needs, and their side of the story. Again, this can lead to a crisis in finding the correct alignment and the appropriate response to what happens. Even though the simple no of Aries is truthful and honest, Aries doesn’t always see the complexities nor pay much attention to the environment. We have to remember that justice means hearing all sides of the story in any attempt to create true peace.

Mars, the ruling principle of Aries, is currently swimming through Pisces, and it could feel like whatever we do, it doesn’t work. Our words are not coming through, and our actions yield little results. This type of overwhelm breeds a feeling of powerlessness, and nothing creates more anger than just that feeling. Mars is fighting for survival. It is a defense mechanism designed to serve our deepest needs and protect what is most important to us. Mars in Pisces forces us to set our egos aside because of a bigger picture, and of all the planetary principles we embody, no one is less interested in this type of self-surrender than Mars. Mars fears that it is self-abandonment, and that is out of the question if he gets to run the show. So, in the middle of Eclipse Season with the North Node in Aries, it is almost ironic that the ruler is deeply embedded in Pisces.

It is a dilemma that requires a capacity to see the bigger picture. As Mars is waxing to a conjunction with Saturn, exact the day after the Solar Eclipse, the 8th of April, it makes a lot of sense on a spiritual level. Saturn, the master of paradoxes, guides us to restrain our impulses. And the last quarter Moon in mature Capricorn speaks the same language. The Sabian Symbol for this lunar degree, «A Fire Worshipper meditates on the ultimate realities of existence» is fascinating in that sense. Looks like Cosmos speaks a clear message on how to use our inner fire. How do we create a life that is in accordance with a higher will?

For those low on fire energy who always consider all the different aspects at play and end up doing nothing, this symbol acts as a healing agent for the element of fire itself. It is time to observe how to use fire without getting scorched in the process, not having the fire burn us out, or even worse, not going at all.
The last quarter phase could mean that a new vision is about to be born, a vision that is hard to deny or ignore. Fire is simple like that. It is what it is, and if it isn’t what it should be, don’t entertain it. This type of fire is hard to deny, even for the most people-pleasing. Looking for an answer? Well, here it is. It might not be what you wanted, but it is what it is.

Fire has always been a feared element. It is so wild, so untamed, so uncivil, so direct. In the movie Elemental, a rather cute movie for kids, the fire girl, Ember, lives in a world where fire is feared. The other elements are utterly xenophobic and shun them, knowing too well how hard it is to contain fire. Then there is the cult classic Avatar, the Last Airbender, where the Fire people dominate the world through intimidation and senseless scorching, willing to go far to get total dominance. Although it is just entertainment, seeing how fire is demonized is still very interesting. Civil humans, capable of self-control, know that mastering fire is of utmost importance if destruction is to be avoided.

Bombs and nukes and fists. That is all fire. So how do we deal with our inner fire, a force of nature so needed that without it, we sail into depression and nihilism? Are we fire magis? Can we become that through training, or do we have to withdraw into a state of numbness to find harmony? With this eclipse season on the stove, we are building up an inner reservoir of fire, and a mystery is about to be revealed. A code will be cracked, and we may find out how to express our inner fire without creating mayhem in the process. That would get us all going, right?

Sol W Jonassen

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