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Waning Moon 13º Sagittarius Mar 3, 2024


〰️ Letting go is a practice 〰️

The mutable last square of the Moon is resting under the warm embrace of Chiron, which is directly on the North Node and will stay there until the 15th of March. A last quarter lunar square is always about letting go, and this time around, the whole process of release moves deeper than usual, not only thanks to Chiron but also to Venus and Mars, the rulers of the nodal axis, both in a last quarter phase to Uranus, the planet of individuation and liberation.

On top of all this, there is a whole party of planets swimming around in Pisces, an archetype that in itself has to do with surrender and release, so it looks like we are in for a proper healing that includes not only a deep acceptance of our inherent human nature but also a slow and steady path towards forgiveness and restitution of health and love.

It cannot be repeated often enough and, especially not now, when Chiron lounges at the North Node, that there is a huge difference between letting go and being entirely over something. Often, people who have gone through enormous and unfathomable trauma get triggered by the phrase «Let it go!» It comes off as a simplification. The truth of the matter is that it is a process and not just something we easily manage. Letting go is a practice. This is when we realize we cannot do anything to change the past, but we have to breathe it out. Bit by bit. Before it pollutes us and creates chronic bitterness, depression, and disease. The toxicity of rage, fear, grief, jealousy, and sadness is not to be underestimated. These emotions, once left unregulated, do something to the body, something less than desirable for the one carrying them.

Still, it humbles us to see that even though letting go, breathing out, holding space, and experiencing everything to its fullness can make us feel temporarily released, it can all pop right back again thanks to life’s ongoing challenges and multiple triggers.

Being over something completely few people truly believe in. Can the nature of our emotional bodies ever be healed after life’s many painful experiences? Traumas are often self-replicating in a very cunning and subtle way, so, understandably, it is hard to envision that we ever could be free of scars. However, Chiron, the wise Centaur, found his relief eventually. In the mythology, he was wounded for life, yet after some negotiations, he was granted release from his body. His identity was free from the wounds.

And here lies a little hint as to what it means to be fully healed. Our sense of self, our identity, is often distorted by the perception of our personal history. If we have been violently attacked, raped, stolen from, tricked, abandoned, rejected, or psychologically abused, we take it personally. It is perceived as if something is wrong with us and that we do not have the right to live happily, undeserving of being treated with kindness and love.

In a healing process, this wrongful idea is replaced by actions that challenge compulsions. We learn to say no because we try to value our time and resources instead of acting out of fear of having the trauma repeated. We do the bold thing, and it replaces a state of self-abandonment with positive affirmative action. It is as if we signal to ourselves then that we are worthy. Eventually, we start seeing ourselves through a different lens—our sense of self changes into being healthy, worthy, and lovable.

The Sabian Symbol elegantly fits into this healing process. «The Great Pyramid and the Sphinx» is a symbol of a time long passed. The Pyramid and the Sphinx were built in another astrological age, another time entirely. Healing is remembering. To re-member means to put something back together. Once we remember who we are, free of what happened to us, and we remember when we were children, or even further back, to a time when we were whole, powerfully aligned with Source, then we are home again. Back to our original identity, free from the notion that we were born in some mystical sin we have to pay for forever.

According to myth, Chiron became the constellation of Sagittarius when he died. He returned to being pure light, and it is this light that we start to remember. This light is beyond the body, so even if we have to live with some dysfunction and pain, we no longer identify as ill or wounded. We start to identify as pure light. This is the cosmic nudge that we might now experience.

Sol W Jonassen

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