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Waning Moon 09º Pisces May 30, 2024


〰️ Reach for a higher vision 〰️

The cosmos upholds a policy of erratic changes, urging us to be flexible and adapt to the ever-changing winds. There is a fierce quality in the atmosphere, one that could easily be stressful unless we are comfortable with a fast pace and sudden bursts of emotion. People could be easily offended, and as the last lunar phase begins with a new cycle between Mars and Chiron, hurts of injustice could be disguised as anger and defensiveness.

But as the story goes, we are all invited to move forward, leave behind old wounds, and look forward. Jupiter, Venus, and the Sun are in a very sanguine mood in Gemini, and the last quarter phase Moon in Pisces could inspire us to let go of something old. If the authentic emotions and hurts are met, we could also enter a stage of forgiveness.

Mercury will cross Uranus and fire up the nervous system, making the first couple of days of this period challenging to ground. It is not easy to find stability with the current cosmic rays. Still, Mercury-Uranus opens the door to a higher perspective, aiding us in finding solutions to problems that have been taking up a lot of space in us.

The Sabian Symbol for the last quarter phase: «An aviator pursues his journey, flying through ground-obscuring clouds» suggests that we will get cosmic assistance to achieve a higher state of mind and escape the immediate drama of the environment. The challenge with a higher awareness is that it can destabilize and defy the status quo, especially if a solid cognitive dissonance has functioned as the foundational rock of one’s life. When this is challenged, it will set off a domino effect that can shake everything to the core. Hopefully and most likely, the seasoned seeker has already been working toward realignment for a long time, but if not, this particular energy can break apart deep-seated beliefs and stagnant energy.

The aviator breaking through the clouds reminds us to focus away from earthly challenges and reach for a higher vision. The aviator can master the Air Element, and as of June 3, there are no less than four planets in the air sign of Gemini. The mind will live a life of its own unless there is conscious intervention and a willingness to cultivate a more mindful approach to embody the «aviator.»

The day after, the Venus Star point, the superior conjunction between Venus and the Sun, marks a pivotal turning point in the larger Venus-Sun cycle. Venus, the ruler of the South Node, trines this nodal point for the occasion, suggesting that we are starting to resolve the difficult balance between ourselves and others, being kind and considerate and seeing things from multiple angles, yet also avoiding being pushovers. Mars in Aries will have nothing of that, thank you very much, and as it is waxing to a square to Pluto that will be exact later in June, we will notice the rumblings from our solar plexus center if we feel coerced or forced into going against our wills. Keeping the temperament in check is always important, but as soon as this Air-Fire combination takes over, we cannot avoid the need to express ourselves, including the stuff we usually never would say out loud.

This dynamic lunar phase energy is starkly contrasted between light and dark. While we celebrate life, love, friendship, and higher ideals, succumbing to violence and impulsive actions can consolidate fates that might have been avoided.

When the winds change quickly, we need to pay attention to every detail and, at the same time, not get lost in the clouds. This week, it is as if the cosmos tells us to look up. Search out the patterns of our lives instead of getting caught up in the middle. Earth is so busy, and right now, it is almost hyperactive, so a little breather here and there is just what the doctor would order. There are few things worth getting burnt out by, and as Mars slowly travels through the last degrees of Aries, it could feel like we are being pushed to the limit. Thankfully, Venus takes on a dominant role, helping us figure out the boundaries we need in a loving way.

If you are in the middle of a huge transition, this week will help you accept what cannot be changed. The higher potential of these cosmic currents is harmony and inner peace, resulting from a state of mind you have worked for. So even if life is hectic, you are solidly placed behind the steering wheel, navigating your mind, never taking your eyes off the work you are doing.

Sol W Jonassen

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