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April 20, 2022 Astrology Forecast

April 20, 2022 Astrology Forecast

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Within the vast ocean of potential,
All exists from love to hate,
I now choose to focus upon,
That which leads to heaven’s gate.

Hola Believers!

Belief is a funny thing I have been thinking about this month while Jupiter, the Guru planet that rules beliefs, conjuncts Neptune, the Mystic planet that rules infinite potential. A few questions can arise: what to believe, who to believe, and what difference does it make? We know that beliefs are powerful, as religious beliefs have sparked religious wars that have killed more people than anything else and changed the course of history. In a way, it seems that it doesn’t matter whether the belief is “right” or “wrong,” but instead whether it is strong enough (backed up with e-motion) to change our minds, hearts, and actions.

We can also take beliefs beyond the realm of religion and what happens before and after death. Let’s bring it down to who to believe and what to believe right here and now. What scientist, commentator, family member, or lover? Here we can say again that it definitely matters whether you are right or wrong, as believing in the wrong person, doctor, or partner can cause tremendous pain, even death. So, we know that beliefs are powerful and impact us on many different levels.

I’m going to take a stand and say that beliefs play a much more significant role in every aspect of our lives than most of us perhaps, acknowledge. Being, what I would call a “purposeful or conscious optimist,” I believe that positive thoughts and beliefs have positive mental, emotional, and even physical impacts. I’ll go so far as to say I believe they help people live longer! They cause the release of certain chemicals in the brain (among other things) that improve our health and contribute to us making more appropriate choices that benefit the greatest number of people.

What happens when we’re wrong? We believed in a person, institution, or religion, and they let us down? We may think of ourselves, or others may say we’ve been duped, fooled, or taken. This can hurt. It can hurt so much as to make us not want to believe in anyone or anything again.
In some cases, it has led people to suicide. This is called “disillusionment,” and it is a “Neptune experience.” Jupiter conjunct Neptune indicates experiences and beliefs that range from the highest high to the lowest low with little in between (as Jupiter expands whatever it contacts).

Therefore, it is crucial at this time, being aware of this energy, to consciously “choose,” to believe, not in order to be correct, just, saved, better than, or wiser, but to understand that it is, in a way, choosing “Life.” And that consciously choosing to believe again, after misbelieving, is an act of power and will that raises us higher, above simply reacting to the world or the past, creating our world and our future. From being victims to being masters. So the next time you find yourself “down,” DECIDE not to be down, not by suppressing or denying your feelings. But acknowledging them and then allowing them to leave (maybe showing them the door), as you have important work to do here and your time and health are valuable and needed. Go for it whether you are right or wrong, and then go for it again!

Talking about going for it, I’m going on “A Journey to the Origins of Time!” If you like the Sabian symbol for today (WOW!), you may want to come with me to the origins of the Sabians themselves, in the oldest human settlements anywhere in the world, Gobekli Tepe, Turkey! Check it out HERE, and I hope to see you there!

Within the vast ocean of potential,
All exists from love to hate,
I now choose to focus upon,
That which leads to heaven’s gate.

I forgot to mention the metaphor that came to me for the energy this weekend as Mercury conjuncts the north node. Let’s make ourselves painters! Life is the blank, white canvas. Our feelings are the colors on the palette, and our thoughts take those feelings and apply them to our life, as thick or thin, as much or as little, wherever we freely choose.

This painting takes a lifetime to complete! Perhaps the only difference is that we can erase or remove the paint on our artwork, but in life, we cannot undo the actions that have resulted from our thoughts, feelings, and will forces. We can paint over them, deepen or lighten them, but they become a permanent part of the akashic record of our soul. As such, they fall into the 12th house of Pisces, which is also called the “house of karma.”

We could also go a step farther and say that all of everyone’s life paintings together form a collage we could call “the collective unconscious,” another attribute of the Piscean 12th house. I wonder what that collage looks like now? I wonder what it looked like 2000 years ago or what it will look like 2000 years from now? One thing is for sure. It will look more light, beautiful, balanced, colorful, and harmonious the more we focus our thoughts and feelings on gratitude, joy, forgiveness, compassion, and love. May the painting of your life this week and beyond be amazing!

This week’s song is a must listen! Nahko Bear’s “Black as Night.”

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