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I no longer need to fill my Void,
With food, drink, drugs, or sex,
Because I know that Deep True Love,
Goes above and beyond all the rest.


I can't wait for this Mercury to go direct so we can move forward launching our new website, announce my workshops for 2019, and get going again!  There can be so many balls in the air that the juggler is not quite sure what's going on, such can be these days.  It is a good time to surrender, meditate, pray, dance, play music or do whatever connects you to the Spirit of life.  Let go a little bit and flow with these times and we will find ourselves on distant magical shores in no time!

OK!  Perhaps the Moon has moved out of Scorpio by the time you get to this but Mercury and Venus are still hanging in there!  And how about that 10-day grand trine in water with Mercury,Chiron and the North Node!  Let's talk about it!  Mars will be conjunct Neptune in Pisces for another week (square the Sun now) so let's imagine, dream and feel into Divine Love.

A great week to watch, read, relax and open our hearts wider than ever before!

I feel these three articles are MUST READS!   Simply CLICK HERE and scroll down to click the links:
1. Article on Feminine Sexuality by Javier Ortiz Gutiérrez
2. The Divine Masculine with the Return of the Divine Feminine
3. The New Emerges: True Love in Sacred Union

I feel that this is an important ongoing conversation and look forward to hearing your thoughts and feelings about these articles and the Pele Report.  I had a great time last week on a live Zoom meeting with NPA community members talking more about the Pele Report.  I'm looking forward to doing it more!  It's a free benefit from the membership, if you'd like join CLICK HERE!  If you are already a member you will be receiving the link to join the meeting this Friday at 3 pm EST, (12:00 pm PST, 9:00 pm CET, and 8:00 am ACT)  in a separate email.  I hope to see you!




So Much Love,

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5 thoughts on “December 5, 2018 – Pele Report, Astrology Forecast

  1. I think it best to make sweet sweet love to self – to create that divine union within before we go in search of trying to find and/or give/take satisfaction to/from another person.

  2. Thank you for you Kaypacha. I always have a great time watching you. Even through the roughests times -such as this week. Bless your love ~

  3. Wow, thanks Pele, this epitomizes my relationship with my hubbie right now! I want to experience deep TRUE LOVE ….How can I help him find the divine feminine within and help him avoid filling void with anger, alcohol, etc? We’re on our own journeys, but there is a reason we’re together to help each other heal. With Gratitude!

  4. Thank you Kaypacha , you are always so inspiring and right on . I find it amazing how you can always explain what is going on in my life. Your wisdom makes our lives better.

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