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January 27, 2021
Astrology Forecast

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I simply need to socialize,
Go out with someone new,
Expand the circle of friends I have,
To include you and you and you!

Hola Aquarians!

I hope that you are well! And by that, I mean physically, emotionally, psychologically, and spiritually integrated, as that is what real health is. We’ll be getting some disturbing news these coming days and weeks, which will require that we remain steady and robust within our core beliefs and healthy spiritual practices. As I mentioned in the report this week, I was fortunate to attend the “Take Back Your Health Conference” this last weekend and hear several health professionals offer powerful alternative (Aquarian) perspectives on our world situation. I will be posting some of these talks with links to the authors on the NPA website so check them out HERE!

One perspective offered regarding the COVID virus was that it is like firemen gathered around a burning house, not the cause of the fire but called to the fire. Our bodies, which are the end result of spiritual, mental, and emotional dynamics integrating well (or not), are like that house. This virus may well be a crisis (fire), pointing to the need for us individually and collectively to look at what environments we have created and how life-supporting they are or are not. Looking at the big Aquarian picture will give us more long term solutions than rushed, insufficiently tested, and overestimated short-sighted approaches. Let’s learn as much as we can from what nature tells us rather than avoid, suppress, or deny her wisdom.

The old materialistic paradigm suggests that if the physical body is still functioning, we are “well.” This week’s astrology and mantra raise that bar to include emotional, social, and psychological health as essential ingredients to that definition. May this Leo full Moon reflect our powerful capacity to create (and recreate) ourselves and a world that is a joy to live in and brings joy to others.

I simply need to socialize,
Go out with someone new,
Expand the circle of friends I have,
To include you and you and you!

There is no better manifestation of 5 planets in Aquarius and the Moon’s north node in Gemini than each person making informed decisions based upon their own research coupled with their own intuition, beliefs, and life situation. These times repeatedly demonstrate that patriarchal, hierarchical, top-down, particular (often personal) interest, external authorities are usually far less informed, correct, open to alternatives, moral, or caring than many of us have innocently thought.

Rather than blindly accepting what we are told, it is now incumbent upon us to fully inform ourselves and make the necessary changes in lifestyle, diet, exposure to EMFs, toxins, and pollution. The south node, currently in Sagittarius, is “the path of least resistance.” For now, that is spouting off other people’s beliefs, judgments, and conclusions as our own with undue and often exaggerated righteousness as if we “know.” Aquarius/Leo demands that we really DO know, and that requires patient, thorough study. Which is what the Gemini north node is all about.

What we will undoubtedly find when conducting this research is that solutions currently being presented by scientific and medical authorities are highly questionable and not as understood, adequately researched, or definitive as they are being shown. In the meantime, these enforced solutions are destroying the fabric of our lives and society, which we will see unraveled, deconstructed, and “transfigured” this year.

May you be a part of the change.

So Much Love,


This week’s song is “Come Together” by John Lennon
The Take Back Your Health Conference 
I’m going to post more links and resources for further research so stay tuned!

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